Coronavirus Update

UPDATED July 27th, 2020

Dear ZFO Patients and Families,

It has been an interesting summer to say the least, and I sincerely thank all of you for being understanding and open with all the changes we have implemented. I feel we are providing care in a safe environment as best as we possibly can, and we appreciate everyone following our guidelines to ensure the safety of our team. 

Now that schools are giving us a glimpse into what the fall has in store for us, I wanted to let everyone know that we will continue our protocols which I have outlined again below as a refresher. Our team needs extra time to sanitize and prepare for the following day. Given our need to space out our schedule and minimize the number of people in our building, we will be altering our normal hours of operation in the fall as follows:

Monday: 8:00am to 4:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am to 6:00pm

Wednesday: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Thursday: 7:30am to 3:30pm


Saturdays: 8:00am to 12:00pm (1 per month during the school year)

Given our altered schedule, we may be contacting some of you to change your appointment day or time. Please accept my apologies in advance. The future schedule is subject to change, and we appreciate your understanding in accepting this short-term reality.

Please be assured that your safety and care are always our top priority. If there is any issue with scheduling or concerns about coming to an appointment, please reach out to us. We love this community and we are not going anywhere – we will be here to support you through it all : ) 


Dr. Zach


- NEW PATIENTS: We are seeing new patients for consultations and exams.
- REGULAR ADJUSTMENT APPOINTMENTS: We will continue to schedule these on our normal 4 to 10 week intervals.
- COMFORT/URGENT APPOINTMENTS: These appointments will still only be seen on an as-needed basis for significant pain or bleeding. For now, broken brackets are not considered urgent comfort appointments. 

- PLEASE BRUSH YOUR TEETH THOROUGHLY RIGHT BEFORE YOUR APPPOINTMENT and do not come in with excessive food or debris on your teeth/braces. Our tooth brushing station is closed and is now a designated station for our patients to wash their hands.
- EVERYONE WHO ENTERS OUR BUILDING MUST HAVE A MASK (both patient and parents). Please come prepared.

- FOR ALL MINORS (18 and younger), a parent must be at the appointment to sign a questionnaire regarding COVID symptoms and exposure. If you cannot come, you must contact our office prior to the appointment for the form and send a SIGNED COPY with your child. We must screen every patient before they are seen.
- PLEASE ARRIVE ON-TIME. We have staggered arrival times to limit the number of people in our building at any given time. Arriving too early will likely lead to waiting, and late arrivals may need to be rescheduled.
- When you arrive, REMAIN IN YOUR CAR AND CALL our office to let us know you have arrived. We will let you know when to come in.
- For any minor patient, ONE parent/guardian should come in to sign a questionnaire form regarding COVID symptoms and exposure. Absolutely no other individuals will be allowed. We encourage that parents return to their car after signing our questionnaire.
- DO NOT COME IF YOU ARE FEELING ILL. Any question indicating recent exposure to COVID-19 or anyone with signs/symptoms will be asked to leave immediately and will not be able to return for at least the specified 14-day self-quarantine requirement. 
- THE PATIENT’S TEMPERATURE WILL BE TAKEN using a touchless thermometer. If the temperature is > 100 degrees F, you will be asked to leave immediately and will not be able to return for at least the specified 14-day self-quarantine requirement.
- PLEASE MAINTAIN 6-FOOT SOCIAL DISTANCING guidelines while in the office and seated in the waiting room. Reception furniture has been limited to accommodate this guideline.
- Patients will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands before and after their appointment.
- Patients will be asked to rinse with Colgate Peroxyl mouth rinse at their chair where an assistant will suction.
- We ask for understanding as we try to address all of your needs at your visit. Individuals with multiple broken brackets or issues may not have everything completed during the visit due to strict scheduling times. If you anticipate you or child needs more time for these issues, let us know beforehand.

- DO NOT DRIVE HOME RIGHT AWAY! Please make sure you schedule your next appointment before you leave with our front desk. If you are waiting in your car, please call our front desk or come inside to schedule the next visit.

- HOURS: Our hours have been altered for the fall. We will notify you once normal hours of operation resume in the future.
- BARRIERS: You will notice clear barriers at our front desk as well as in our consult room. Additionally, we have placed barriers between our chairs in the clinic (which are 7 feet apart). We will continue to operate our medical grade HEPA filter in our treatment area (this has been present prior to the pandemic).
- CLEANING: Office cleaning will take place in the morning, midday, and evening. 
- RECEPTION ROOM: Furniture has been limited and no magazines or books are available. We encourage non-patients (parents/guardians) to wait in the car or outside. 

- OUR TEAM IS SCREENED ON A DAILY BASIS with a questionnaire, and temperature is taken daily. Any team member with COVID symptoms or a fever >100 degree F will be required to go home.
- OUR TEAM HAS BEEN THOROUGHLY TRAINED on the new protocols. Please be patient as things may take more time at first as we are adapting to our new protocols. 


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