At Zach Frazier Orthodontics, our customized treatment plans are centered around your main concerns, and we look forward to sharing the great opportunity to improve your smile.

What to expect at your initial new patient exam:

  • Introduction to our home and a review your health history

  • Thorough exam by Dr. Zach to evaluate your orthodontic needs

  • Radiographs, photos, and records are taken if necessary

  • Personalized treatment plan discussion with Dr. Zach 

  • Individualized payment plan review and insurance benefit review

The next step:

If it is determined that you are ready, you will make an appointment to begin your orthodontic treatment. In many cases, the braces or appliances are placed at the following appointment to get you started.

What if Dr. Zach determines you are not ready?:

That's OK! We offer appointments to monitor your child's growth and tooth eruption pattern to ensure that we are keeping a close eye on his or her development. We strongly believe that proper timing for treatment leads to better results and a more pleasant experience. 


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